Monday, May 14, 2012

At it again

As my cousin says "...too bad i have a brown thumb." :)
Well i am going to turn things around!
Last mothers day (and happy belated mothers day to all you
mothers out there) my mom gave me a pot of Hen and chicks.
I told her that she had sentenced them to their death....however
a whole year later they are alive and multiplying! So i have
concluded that i can keep a plant alive, as long as it can
be neglected. Nice.

So hen and chicks are a variety of i asked my boss,
who knows all about plants, and one thing lead to another and we
were off to Walters! They have everything you could ever imagine.

I got these beauties! I LOVE THEM! The tall one is
called Campfire i think, and i have no idea what the little ones are.
The only thing is that most of their plants didn't have the info sticks
in them. These guys need to be brought in, in the winter, so i planted them
in an old watering bucket. (yes, i poked holes in the bottom)
I can't wait for the little ones to grow down the side.
And the bucket gives it that nice country charm ;)

I just love this guy! It has been one week since i planted them
and everyone is happy...i guess....we haven't had much sun, and
a ton of rain so they are probably a little irritated....but they
put on a good show for me :) and yes, i do talk to them every day.

So here hopefully is the end of my brown thumbing....i mean if i can't
keep something related to a cactus alive, i have no seance being in the country!

Did any of you mothers get flowers to plant yesterday? Or anyone
going some green thumbing themselves? Do tell!!


Delia said...

My thumb is firmly in the black. My kids gave me marigolds and violas that they potted at school. I have no doubt they'll be meeting their demise soon. Unless I give them to my daughter. She can keep things alive longer than I can. :) (And yes, I've killed cacti. Multiple.)

Magoo said...

D, i knew there was a reason we got along so well! :) i've even killed bamboo which all you have to do is water once in a while and its impossible to get rid of....not when i give it a go!