Thursday, April 26, 2012

New Toy!!

guess who got a new camera!!!
it is a Fujifilm fine pix s. and it is awesome!
it is an in between the point and shoot and a real one :)
(i know your all thinking 'couldn't she have washed
that mirror first?' and the answer is no, i was too excited.)

Honestly i think i does just about everything a "real one"
does except manual focus and changing of lenses. You can
even adjust the aperture and the shutter manually.

the clarity and the colors are unreal.
and i am IN LOVE with the fact that it does
this isn't really a good one, i need to get somewhere
that is further away so it makes sense. and work on
my line up, but you get the point! lol.

ok i have NO IDEA why these are uploading this way!!!
ARG! I saved the pix vertical, and they view that way but when
blogger uploads it, we get this.
anyhow! this is without a flash!!!!!!!! bam!
My poor little pink camera woulda blinded this pic
into a white oblivion :)

so i am super i just need to make something
to take on a photo shoot.........


Delia said...

Nice! That's the more advanced (read: waaaayyyy newer) version of the one I have. Looking forward to the gorgeous pics, Ms. Magoo.

Rebecca said...

I need a new camera for my blog. Any suggestions????