Friday, April 6, 2012

Family Pix

Last weekend i had the pleasure of taking
the annual family portraits of my friend at work.
She is crazy, and decided to entrust me with
this years pix. They do it every spring to prepare
a mother's day surprise with creative ways unveil
the pictures. 

I asked her if i could share some with you guys and
she gave me her blessing. I really liked doing it!
I could totally do it for a living, as long as my customers
we are awesome and laid back as my friends.
I also threatened my BFF that when she gets engaged
and married, i have to do her pix...rather she liked it or not.
No pressure ;)

OH and the BEST part is that i got to use her
husbands camera....a Canon EOS Kiss Delux DSLR.
Can i just say i cried a little when i had to give it back.

I wish i could get one of them, but i think i'd
rather have an elna :) lol But i am on my way to a
more involved camera....even tho my poor little
pink polaroid is still my BFF, she has had a hard life
and is starting to have some issues. I still love her and
she will always have a spot in my purse....until she
explodes...and even then.. 

I no longer have, as Delia says, the interwebz at
my house, so there is another excuse for my
absence (not to mention all the nice weather which
steals me away from my brother.) So i will be
even fewer and farther between than usual.
Bare with me :)

Happy weekend everyone, and
Don't forget the reason for this season.


Delia said...

Awww! Cute pics! I especially love that last one. Beautiful!

Also, not to dis the Elna, but have you tried the Husqvarna Sapphire? Holy cats but that thing is awesome. Just sayin. ;)

Magoo said...

thanks d!
i was only thinkin elna cuz the bargain barn ladies have elnas that are way old and still silent, they have been really great workhorses! my brother is only 2 years old and sounds like a freight train :) I'll check out that Husq!