Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tula in the hizou!

Look what came in my mailbox the other week!
Tula had these available for pre order in her store
back in December and when I saw that post
I couldn’t hit that order button fast enough!

And look at this:
SHE SIGNED IT! oh yeah.
I am sew super excited. And to tell you the
Truth, I haven’t even really looked at it all
That closely. I am just glad to have it!

Tula is my hero! Us both being graphic
Designers and all J. Of course she is
Way better than me, but I am sure we’d
Be the best of friends. Lol.

Anyone else pre-order? Or run out and
Buy it when it hit the shelves? And
Who’s your favorite designer?

1 comment:

Delia said...

I did not run out and buy it. I'm more of a Minick & Simpson/Fig Tree kind of girl. I do like Tula, though. She's got some fun in her. Enjoy your book! (And what do you mean, you haven't looked at it yet?! That's sacrilege, that is.)