Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Proof is in the Pix!

I did it, i did it!
Falling is finally done! The pattern is ready to rock and roll!
Keep your eyes peeled in my etsy shop for an arrival.
I am currently teaching a class on it, next class is this week,
so i will be able to see how well the pattern works out.
We did pretty good last week. Be warned, there is a
fair amount of cutting! :)

 I quilted this whole thing on my regular machine.
It was actually really nice to do, i switched thread
colors on each 'round' so it made it feel like i
was actually getting something accomplished
rather quickly ;)

the back!! I wasn't sure how much material
i would need, so i got 1 yard of each: the back
is made from the leftovers. I think i dark solid
would have been a nice choice also, so the quilting
design would be more prominent. But this is fun and
it hides mistakes better ;)

This bugger has taken me longer than anything i've ever made.
For many reasons and many distractions! The math really held me
up. And unless you see my notes on how i tried to make this
easy, no one would ever understand or appreciate it. lol.

SEW! This pattern is more than meets the eye! I have
set almost everything to be sewn together then cut apart so
that you don't speed 45 days sewing all the single squares together.
And for those evil 1/2 square triangles, they are EASY! I have them
set up as sewing big squares, cutting it apart and BAM! you have
your self some 1/2 square triangle units!! Oh yeah, its a little something
i like to call magic.


beaquilter said...

great quilt!

Delia said...

I know I said this before on Facebook, but that sucker is beautiful! Love it. I don't even want to think about the math involved. O_o

Carla said...

That is so beautiful! Love those colors!