Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Sew, by now i am sure some of you have heard
about the Sliced competition Moda is having.
My gurl Delia got me in the know..(as i am sure you
have noticed, i have been MIA yet again).

this be my audition entry!
The rules say it has to be something found in an office,
must include at least 1 moda pre-cut, batting and a buckle.
BAM! My sticky note paper clip desk mate!
(notice i bent the paper clips to make my initials. i know. awesome. :P)

Have any of you joined also?
I love me some deadlines and rules!!! Any one
remember OM as a kid? I was in that and it was awesome.
This reminds me of that! I really hope i am a finalist.
I just want the challenges! :D

Wish me luck!!


Delia said...

Yay! Good luck! This is so cute. And, yes, I did notice you were MIA, but I saw you on Facebook, so I didn't go all motherly on you. :)

Cinderella Moments said...

I think we have another winner! This is awesome. You have this in the bag!

Magoo said...

Thanks Ladies! :) I didn't make the cut, but the ones that did were AMAZING! and this was really fun to come up with.

Delia said...

OhhhNoooo! You'll get 'em next time. It was last minute, after all.

Oh, and hey, you missed pictures on my blog. Of a quilt. Just sayin.