Friday, December 30, 2011

Bargain Barn!

I wanted to share my favorite place with you guys!
Welcome to the Bargain Barn!
This is my home away from home :)
I took these pix with my phone, so please excuse
me for not living up to my normal pic quality.
My pink Polaroid was down for the count that day.

They make their own jelly rolls, charms and layer cakes.
Tiara picks out fabrics from stock that match and makes
beautiful fabric pre-cut combos. Here be the civil war jellies,
and the 1st pick is 40's repro. prints. She also recently made
pre-cuts from all modern prints.

of course i had to take a pic of the roo! :)
all these wool pieces they dyed themselves!
And not pictured are rows and rows and rows
(and rows) of upholstery and home decor fabric and trims.
i mean more than you can even imagine! Check out their
site from the link above, or the button on my side bar ->
and check out all they have to offer. 

They have a wide variety of quilting fabric and just
about every kinda fabric you need. and many different
quilty patterns too! (not just L&L :)

Check 'em out! oh, and most importantly
Marietta and Tiara will give you THE BEST
customer service EVER! :D


Delia said...

What the?! I left a comment on your last post and it's gone. GONE! Okay, in a nutshell, I like Jim Shore, the bag is cute, the rings are super cute, I want the Ruby layer cake, plus I want this . I believe that catches us up.

Now then...Really?! You had to show me more fabric? You dealers are all alike. Because it's not enough I've got cabinets full of it mocking me. Saying, "Just take a little break, Delia. It'll be okay. You won't lose hours to quilting, it's just a little taste." Then next thing you know I'm sitting in an alley somewhere covered in my own stink begging for fat quarters and people are walking by saying, "Don't give her anything, she'll just spend it on fabric."

Psh. I know your game.

Anonymous said...

D: are you sure you don't drink coffee? lol :)sugar pop is cute. and that's a good price for a layer cake ;) mmmmuuuwwwaahhhhahhahaha (<-insert mad scientist laugh here)

i have no idea what you mean? and you know, you are a really good quilter, and didn't you just get a pattern from me? and didn't you say you had just the layer cake picked out to do it? hhhmmmm?
im just sayin' is all :)
you're welcome.

Delia said...

You know, some of us don't need coffee to enhance our weird.

Also, *mumble*mumble*Christmas season*mumble*mutter*busy*mumble*projects building up*mumble*.