Saturday, September 18, 2010

Wino Weekends

so, back in the day i tried to be kewl and
pretended to be sophisticated and i tried wines.
turns out i am too red for that mess. however,
i have found one i LOVE!!!!! i think i mentioned before
that a friend of mine at work and i went on a wine
tasting; welp, we've done it again. its cheap
and fun and anytime you can get a good
buz and a glass for $5 = a good time!!!
this months tour was at Ch√Ęteau Morrisette.
SO BEAUTIFUL! we had many more wines to
taste at this one, and may i jut say that i could
barely walk away from the table. and we took the
tour (pre-tasting, thank goodness!). it was so great.
i just had the best day ever!! i even bought wine!
2 bottles!! as it turns out, i like whites best;
and especially desert wines.
i think it was all the wines we tried
on the 1st page of our list that made me like
all the ones on the back so much!
we'll see if i love them as much tomorrow.
it you are in VA, WV or NC (where they
distribute) may i suggest the blackberry,
the blushing dog & the sweet mountain laurel,
and the best and sweetest, the Frosty Dog.

so this little red neck has come a long way!

here are some pics from our
beautiful day

garden view from the "crushing deck"
specially made chandelier at the entrance
(they apparently lower it at Christmas and
put a tree inside it!)
by the fountain
at the entrance.

hope yall enjoyed this "trip"
just go get some wine and look thru
all the pics again... it like you were there!


Norma said...

Sure does look like you gals had a great day!

Rebecca P said...

I love going wine tasting. The winery you went to is so pretty. Glad you had a good time.

Cinderella Moments said...

That's a beautiful place. I'm a white wine gal myself. Although I'm a pathetic drinker. I can manage a couple of glasses a year. That's why they threw me out of France(I was born there). You don't drink, you're out! OK maybe not! LOL!