Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy B-DAY Doodle!!

This is the only thing i have sewn in a while.
Its a bday card for my bestest friend.
she is an AMAZING artist and just about
the best friend i could ever have.
she moved last year :( but we KIT.
she has an etsy site of hand made cards.
she just started it, but she will be growing it,
i just know it.

this has been a great holiday weekend...i H8
that its coming to an end.  i haven't really
accomplished anything except spending too much $$
at Jo Anns, and spent the ENTIRE DAY
Sunday cleaning the kitchen. yea, it was that bad
that it took a whole freaking day. but you can not
believe how happy i am that it is clean.
i DARE anyone to use a dish, i DARE you!!

and the weather is so ridiculously fall; i REALLY
wanna go shopping for fall and decorate the house.
my living room would be PERFECT all decked out
in fall; its already gold and burgundy.
i just have to remind myself that we
are going on vacation soon, and i need
to save my pennies..... 
we'll see how that goes.

and speaking of home, check this out .
doesn't it just calm you down
just by looking at her site.
this is how i wish my house could look...
but it would NEVER happen; seeing as
how my hub is a walking grease pile.
i am going to get him his own hand towel in
the kitchen that is black....all my others are
dingy and stained..... i can't imagine why.

hope yall had a great weekend
see ya back at the grind :(

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Delia said...

Pssst! Your tablerunner is on its way. :)
Hope your kitchen stays clean.