Friday, August 24, 2012

Back from the depths!

First, I just want to thanks to everyone for not un-following me in my absence! My life has been rather crazy lately…some pretty big changes…some good, Some not so good, and some incredible. Adding this to the fact that it is Summer time, I finally got a cool phone and discovered instgram, and I don’t Have them there interwebz at the house, equals one missing Magoo.

But enough with my endless excuses…. I am getting back in the swing of things! Coming back to life! I am proud to say that I am in collaboration with my gurls at the Bargain Barn, and we are working on a blog of their very own. Its. Going. To. Be. Awesome. It will launch within the next few weeks and its going to be a blast. We will post weekly and about all sorts of things; our lives at the barn, The crazy mischief we get into, our amazing customers, classes, Fabrics, and the fun just goes on and on….

I am teaching classes there again starting September all the way Thru December (I gots to get my act together and start pattern Production ASAP) and among them are 2 new patterns. So this fall is going to be eventful to say the least.

I am looking fwd to getting back into fabric again. (I am ashamed to say, That I can’t even remember the last time I bought fabric…I know, I know, Catch your breath. I mean, I get JoAnns coupons and haven’t used a one! I should just delete that, and act like it never happened….)

Hope all you guys are still out there and I hope you’ve been More productive than me!! I look fwd to getting back into my blog Reading…I have much to catch up on…and getting back in Touch with my blog-land peeps.

Have a great weekend, yall!

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Monday, May 14, 2012

At it again

As my cousin says "...too bad i have a brown thumb." :)
Well i am going to turn things around!
Last mothers day (and happy belated mothers day to all you
mothers out there) my mom gave me a pot of Hen and chicks.
I told her that she had sentenced them to their death....however
a whole year later they are alive and multiplying! So i have
concluded that i can keep a plant alive, as long as it can
be neglected. Nice.

So hen and chicks are a variety of i asked my boss,
who knows all about plants, and one thing lead to another and we
were off to Walters! They have everything you could ever imagine.

I got these beauties! I LOVE THEM! The tall one is
called Campfire i think, and i have no idea what the little ones are.
The only thing is that most of their plants didn't have the info sticks
in them. These guys need to be brought in, in the winter, so i planted them
in an old watering bucket. (yes, i poked holes in the bottom)
I can't wait for the little ones to grow down the side.
And the bucket gives it that nice country charm ;)

I just love this guy! It has been one week since i planted them
and everyone is happy...i guess....we haven't had much sun, and
a ton of rain so they are probably a little irritated....but they
put on a good show for me :) and yes, i do talk to them every day.

So here hopefully is the end of my brown thumbing....i mean if i can't
keep something related to a cactus alive, i have no seance being in the country!

Did any of you mothers get flowers to plant yesterday? Or anyone
going some green thumbing themselves? Do tell!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

New Toy!!

guess who got a new camera!!!
it is a Fujifilm fine pix s. and it is awesome!
it is an in between the point and shoot and a real one :)
(i know your all thinking 'couldn't she have washed
that mirror first?' and the answer is no, i was too excited.)

Honestly i think i does just about everything a "real one"
does except manual focus and changing of lenses. You can
even adjust the aperture and the shutter manually.

the clarity and the colors are unreal.
and i am IN LOVE with the fact that it does
this isn't really a good one, i need to get somewhere
that is further away so it makes sense. and work on
my line up, but you get the point! lol.

ok i have NO IDEA why these are uploading this way!!!
ARG! I saved the pix vertical, and they view that way but when
blogger uploads it, we get this.
anyhow! this is without a flash!!!!!!!! bam!
My poor little pink camera woulda blinded this pic
into a white oblivion :)

so i am super i just need to make something
to take on a photo shoot.........

Friday, April 6, 2012

Family Pix

Last weekend i had the pleasure of taking
the annual family portraits of my friend at work.
She is crazy, and decided to entrust me with
this years pix. They do it every spring to prepare
a mother's day surprise with creative ways unveil
the pictures. 

I asked her if i could share some with you guys and
she gave me her blessing. I really liked doing it!
I could totally do it for a living, as long as my customers
we are awesome and laid back as my friends.
I also threatened my BFF that when she gets engaged
and married, i have to do her pix...rather she liked it or not.
No pressure ;)

OH and the BEST part is that i got to use her
husbands camera....a Canon EOS Kiss Delux DSLR.
Can i just say i cried a little when i had to give it back.

I wish i could get one of them, but i think i'd
rather have an elna :) lol But i am on my way to a
more involved camera....even tho my poor little
pink polaroid is still my BFF, she has had a hard life
and is starting to have some issues. I still love her and
she will always have a spot in my purse....until she
explodes...and even then.. 

I no longer have, as Delia says, the interwebz at
my house, so there is another excuse for my
absence (not to mention all the nice weather which
steals me away from my brother.) So i will be
even fewer and farther between than usual.
Bare with me :)

Happy weekend everyone, and
Don't forget the reason for this season.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Proof is in the Pix!

I did it, i did it!
Falling is finally done! The pattern is ready to rock and roll!
Keep your eyes peeled in my etsy shop for an arrival.
I am currently teaching a class on it, next class is this week,
so i will be able to see how well the pattern works out.
We did pretty good last week. Be warned, there is a
fair amount of cutting! :)

 I quilted this whole thing on my regular machine.
It was actually really nice to do, i switched thread
colors on each 'round' so it made it feel like i
was actually getting something accomplished
rather quickly ;)

the back!! I wasn't sure how much material
i would need, so i got 1 yard of each: the back
is made from the leftovers. I think i dark solid
would have been a nice choice also, so the quilting
design would be more prominent. But this is fun and
it hides mistakes better ;)

This bugger has taken me longer than anything i've ever made.
For many reasons and many distractions! The math really held me
up. And unless you see my notes on how i tried to make this
easy, no one would ever understand or appreciate it. lol.

SEW! This pattern is more than meets the eye! I have
set almost everything to be sewn together then cut apart so
that you don't speed 45 days sewing all the single squares together.
And for those evil 1/2 square triangles, they are EASY! I have them
set up as sewing big squares, cutting it apart and BAM! you have
your self some 1/2 square triangle units!! Oh yeah, its a little something
i like to call magic.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tula in the hizou!

Look what came in my mailbox the other week!
Tula had these available for pre order in her store
back in December and when I saw that post
I couldn’t hit that order button fast enough!

And look at this:
SHE SIGNED IT! oh yeah.
I am sew super excited. And to tell you the
Truth, I haven’t even really looked at it all
That closely. I am just glad to have it!

Tula is my hero! Us both being graphic
Designers and all J. Of course she is
Way better than me, but I am sure we’d
Be the best of friends. Lol.

Anyone else pre-order? Or run out and
Buy it when it hit the shelves? And
Who’s your favorite designer?

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Sew, by now i am sure some of you have heard
about the Sliced competition Moda is having.
My gurl Delia got me in the know..(as i am sure you
have noticed, i have been MIA yet again).

this be my audition entry!
The rules say it has to be something found in an office,
must include at least 1 moda pre-cut, batting and a buckle.
BAM! My sticky note paper clip desk mate!
(notice i bent the paper clips to make my initials. i know. awesome. :P)

Have any of you joined also?
I love me some deadlines and rules!!! Any one
remember OM as a kid? I was in that and it was awesome.
This reminds me of that! I really hope i am a finalist.
I just want the challenges! :D

Wish me luck!!